About Us
Founded By: Abul Hasan Usmani

The News Vision is a digital English news website from Pakistan. This website covers all the spheres of credible and insightful stories from across the globe. The website is being updated continuously with all latest stories. At The News Vision our staff and editorial team is highly inclined towards following the principles of free, fair and transparent journalism.

Abul Hasan Usmani, is the founder of this digital news website. He is an experienced journalist who has rendered his services in the field of journalism for last 37 years. Being associated with country’s largest group of newspaper ‘Jang’ for a period of 17 years and founded two morning English Dailies including ‘Daily National Courier’ and ‘Pakistan State Times’. He is also a member of Karachi Press Club, Pakistan Federal Union of journalist and Arts Council of Pakistan.

The News Vision aspires to build an immensely constructive image of Pakistan to the entire world. Following all the values of journalism and in full conformity with the ethics of this field we believe that truth only matters and every single inch of prejudice is not entertained here at the forum of The News Vision and this is certainly our motto.

This digital news website is a multi-faceted platform of divergent news with a variety of politics, sports, entertainment, business, current affairs, health and technology.